Monday, 30 July 2012

Conceding to Olympic fever!! // leopard spots and humbugs

Heeeey Everyone! 

So  a lot has happened this week. I bagged myself a job at the Olympics!!!! I will admit now that I wasn't really looking forward to it coming to London at all and I didn't even bother to apply for tickets. But I got a last minute job at the Olympic Village and suddenly started loving it! Even just hanging around near the Olympic Park in the huge Westfield shopping centre with my mum, you could defos feel the buzz. On Friday I watched the ceremony in a pub with a big group of friends from school and it really was like the best New Year's ever! People  clapping at the screen and everything! Did you lot do anything fun??

Here are my current nails. No fun Wig Wam editing as photobucket is NOT cooperating with moi today. Also I think I have an obsession with leopard spots... can you tell??

 Awkward pose, yes. But in the background is an opening ceremony party at the Tower of London that neither my friend or me (err grammar fanatics, apologies) were invited to. We spent a good 15 mins bitching about all the nice dresses the women were dressed in. Just cos we were jealous...!
This is my little lanyard that keeps my Olympic accreditation around my neck. It's like an Olympic passport and gains me access to the Olympic Village. How snazzy am I!! The badges in this pic are the hot thing to trade in the village. The only way you get them is if athletes or their coaches casually hand you one. You do NOT ask!!! So it's aaaall about the prestige. Yesterday was my first day and I already have 2! One from Germany and one from Luxembourg. Yeaaaawww!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics as much as I am!!!

Wig Wam xx


  1. I'm so jealous! Haha that so awesome you get to be around all the Olympic buzz! I've been trying to keep up with what I can online or on TV. It's definitely exciting!
    I love your mani! Leopard print is always awesome!

    1. Hehe yeah it is pretty cool! I got a "Ohh hellooo" from the French basketball team as I was walking around, and I giggled and said heeeyyy back!


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